Friday, September 18, 2009

Backstrap Loom Basics article posted on Weavezine

There was a Backstrap loom basics article
by Laverne Waddington of Bolivia
posted on Weavezine today.

Laverne has been using backstrap looms for years and sharing
the knowledge on internet forums like
a gathering place for handweavers

It is an excellent introduction with links to resources to
help you get started with backstrap loom weaving.
Includes some great videos too.

I got started on backstrap weaving with help from Laverne
and I'm thrilled to see her article on Weavezine

Weavezine is an online magazine for weavers with articles and
podcasts on different weaving related topics.
Weavezine is published by Syne Mitchell, who is also a weaver.

Have a good day!

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