Friday, May 7, 2010

Peruvian Cross Rep Braid

Peruvian Cross Rep Braid based on Alta Turner in "Fingerweaving: Indian Braiding" page 38
(click here for Peruvian Rep Braid) - (click picture for larger image, back to return to blog)

Set up 4 dark, 8 light, 4 dark

Take left dark 4 and weave through left white 4, let left dark 4 wait left of center.

Weave the right dark 4 through right light 4 and through left dark 4 to make the first cross in the middle. In this setup, the darks will be woven through the light except in the middle cross.

After snugging up the tension I'm ready for the next level.

Left dark is woven through the left light.

The dark right is woven through right light.

Right light is woven through left light.

Snug it up and you can see how the light yarn forms the pattern.

Once again left dark through left light, right dark through right light then through left dark cross.

Left dark woven through left light, right dark woven through right light, right light woven through center forms cross. Repeat until happy.

The light yarn can be thought of as the covering yarn, it usually goes over the dark yarn except in the middle cross where it covers itself.

The dark yarn is the covered yarn, usually covered by light yarn except in the middle cross where it covers itself.

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ieva said...

Another interesting technique. One day I should try all them.

Jeremie said...

Right on, I really appreciate the pics and posts Franco !