Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shelf Help

Today's entry is some pictures I took a six months ago. When we first moved into the condo, we have fewer closets than the last house. So my fiber stuff kind of piled up in the living room next to the television cabinet.

Here is my craft frame, my bag with a backstrap loom, the Cricket loom on a table, the empty Cricket box, bags of yarn, and boxes of stuff. Big mess!

So we went to IKEA and bought this 8 hole shelf unit for about $70. Then we bought six fabric baskets for $30. All the yarn and stuff went into the baskets. The Cricket loom on the folding table is just off to the left. The empty Cricket box is going to the outside storage unit.

This shelf unit has been a great place to organize yarns, hide tools and books. Even though the Cricket still sits out on the folding table when in use, having the other items out of sight is a big improvement. The craft frame hides behind the shelf unit when not in use.

We left the upper two holes open for displaying knick knacks. The top is good for displaying pictures.

This was definitely worth the expense. Having the extra storage in the condo is great. I like having it next to the television so I can grab stuff when I find myself with empty hands.

So that's it for now!
Have a good day!

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spinlily said...

Well done, Franco! It's always tough to get organized, but moving is a great incentive. I just did it myself and managed to send some things to charity.