Sunday, July 4, 2010


While surfing the internet, I look for patterns that might work for weaving. This a pattern I created using a tessellation generator found at this website.

It took a very short time and I think I could make some very nice patterns with more thinking about it.

I found this tessellation technique referenced on this website article
"Designing Tesselating Knitting Patterns"

I like looking in on Craftzine to see what crafters are up to.

Have a good day!
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Carol said...

The tessellation generator is so much fun! Thanks for sharing that. I also quilt, crochet and knit so I see endless uses for this.

ieva said...

Interesting tool. But I would like more colours.

If you look for weaving patterns maybe you will like these:

Franco Rios said...


I do like those pattern links you posted. I was able to use Google Translate to convert the Latvian text to English so I could get some idea of the meaning of the htm pages. I liked the gif pictures of the patterns. They would convert to backstrap weaving and small frame weaving easily.

Thank you for posting those.
Have a good day!