Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paper Reed Basket

This is Laverne's basket which she shared last month in My Corner of the World. She made it 7 years ago using rolled up newspaper for reed to weave it.

And now, because I am not afraid to try something new, here is my first attempt at basket weaving!

As you can see, it's very rough. The good news is that I'll get better.

My lovely wife Tracy saw this and said she did baskets like this in Campfire Girls. She hasn't thought about it in years.

Laverne said to get a full sheet of newspaper (2 pages) and tear it down into thirds. Then take a knitting needle and starting at the bottom left corner at about 30 degree angle and start rolling sideways to make a long tube. Keep the first few rolls very tight. Use a bit of white glue to hold the last bit. You'll get a tapered tube that is smaller at one end and flares at the other. You can push small end into large end to as you go to add more tube.

So I made some tubes at work and made the above basket just to start getting the feel of it. I did not have a knitting needle so I used a nail from the work bench. No white glue so I used some cellophane tape. What can I say? It's got to get better.

I have to go surf the web for basketweaving info.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Franco, good try. Here are some of my favorite basket weaving web sites: (she has lots of you tube videos) Enjoy. once you get into basket weaving you can find a lot of use for the baskets. I use the first basket I wove (from round reed) as the place to put my ball of yarn when I warp my rigid heddle loom!

Anonymous said...

Here is another blog site that has some good techniques and good photos. I have given you the tips and techniques page.

Nancy - How to Homemaker and Basketmaster said...

Very cool, I've never tried weaving with rolled up newspaper. I have some free basket weaving patterns on my site along with lots of tips for new weavers. If you get a chance, pop on over.
Working with all the fiber arts is a lot of fun and rewarding as you make something that you can use and last a long time.

TT said...

Hi Franco!

I've been following your blog for some time, Laverne's too, and I'm an active member on weavolution, on the backstrap group - the funny thing is I recently learnt how to make natural cordage from certain leaves and plant matter, it's remarkably easy, I've "spun" loads recently, with the intention of using it for projects like baskets, bowls etc.

I've tried my hand at traditional basket making before and I know how hard it can be!

I was planning to cut and dry some of the dogwood that grows everywhere round here in the UK, but this newspaper idea might be just the thing I need to use as a rigid frame for basket projects!

Thanks for the inspiration!