Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sac Weave Spin Open House

Sacramento Weaver's and Spinner's Guild had their annual Open House event at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center. Lots of spinning, yarn, and weaving on display. Above is some warp faced weaving samples.

Here is a booth setup by Marilyn Greaves, who weaves in the Navajo style. She also teaches this style. Here is a look at a work in progress.

This loom is about six foot tall and it has a rug about half finished on it.

Here is a small student loom with a rug about 10 inch by 20 inch.

Here are some kumihimo bobbins being used to control supplementary warp.

This little basket is made from 100% wool yarn. It's about the size of a coffee mug. By Pat Henderson.

More yarn woven baskets by Pat Henderson.

This is a working antique Great Wheel that is 225 years old. You don't see one of those every day.

This is a loom that was setup for kids to try weaving. The most interesting feature to me are the wooden dowels on each side. On larger rag rug looms those dowels would be metal rods used to help the sides from pulling in. The slots for warping are a common feature on rag rug looms too.

There was an article in the Sacramento Bee over the weekend about the Guild.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

That first photo is of my MOM's bag and my Mom and Dad's NEW WAVE loom. A friend - Pandula Arts - referred me to your blog!!! I'll show my mom too!! ~KM

Franco Rios said...

Cool! I wondered what that loom was called. And the bags are skillfull and artistic.

Have a good day!