Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday Guild 4/23

At our recent Saturday meeting of the Sacramento Weavers' and Spinners' Guild, Deborah brought her Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, and Linda brought her new Sequoia.

Rita has a Turkish style drop spindle, Tanda is knitting, Linda is working on her loom, and Susan is spinning on a Schacht Ladybug.

Kathy is spinning on a Nagy wheel, Sue is spinning on an Ashford Traveller.

Our theme for this month was Looms and Loren brought her brand new Ashford Knitters rigid heddle loom and look at the cool stand! She did not know how to warp it. So Will moved the loom to a table and showed how to warp it.

As you can see, Loren chose a variegated yarn for the the warp. She'll use a solid color warp and let the warp color serve as the pattern.

This is a Louet Klik 40 8 harness loom with plastic (texsolv) heddles. You can see a double weave pattern on the loom. This is an very clever way to work 8 harnesses on a tabletop loom.

Cathy brought some yarns from her latest batch of dyeing. The blue yarn is from the indigo pot. The yellow yarn is from using daffodils to dye. The greenish color in her hand is from over a yellow and blue yarn in the indigo pot.

There was also a Structo 4 Harness loom and a Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom on display.

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It was a fun day!

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Peg said...

Hi. I found this post looking for someone who owns a Louet Klik. I'm considering buying one of these or the Louet W-30, but would love to get some info from a Klik owner first. Is it possible for you to forward my questions to whomever in your guild owns the loom?

Here they are...
How much warp length can you put on it?
Can you tension that warp highly?
How easy/difficult (by which I think I really mean quick/slow) is the mechanism to raise & lower the heddles? Are they sturdily-built enough to be good and long-lasting?
What is your favorite thing about this loom? Your least favorite?

Thank you!