Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Square loom

Once I finished the first piece with loopers, I decided to follow Noreen Crone-Findlay's advice and I ditched the loopers. Then I watched Noreen's youtube video on weaving the square loom with yarn.

See "How to weave with yarn on the potholder loom "

Okay, second piece was started last night at home and continued on the commute to work. Above you see the work mostly finished. I'm using the wire hook because it comes with the kit. I did squeeze the hook with pliers to make it narrower. I am using 4 ply cotton yarn, a variegated color pattern and I lost the label so I don't know who the maker is.

Above I've laid out the yarn on top of the warp so I can be sure the next loop has the correct length.

Then I will move the end of the loop from the right side to the hook on the left side before pulling the yarn across.

The loop is pulled across. Following Noreen's advice I have kept some slack in the piece to prevent the weave from getting too tight to work.

And here it is all woven. Now to work on finishing the edges.

One thing worth mentioning. Usually people will ignore me when I weave on the train or the bus. This time when people saw the the potholder loom they wanted to talk about it. People had them as children or they just bought one for their children.

These little looms have touched people lives and they react emotionally when they see it.


Have a good day!

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Elaine said...

I love this and the other's I've seen on here that you've done! I hated the loom like this I had as a kid. No one ever showed me how to "end it". I would do it, take it off and do it again, just to do something, lol. It came with ugly old nylon loops.