Saturday, July 23, 2011

Such A Deal!

Such a deal I found at the neighbor's yard sale and at the thrift store in last couple of weeks. I bought this bag of fiber stuff for 75 cents at the neighbor's yard sale. It looked interesting and so I grabbed.

All this stuff was in the bag. The papers are pattern notes for knitting and crochet items. Some round crochet patches that probably would be for some kind of blanket. A big handful of embroidery floss. A small knitted swatch. Also some cross stitch needles. A knitting needle, a crochet hook.

Also in the bag was a couple of hairpin lace frames! Which is why I bought the bag when I saw the frames sticking out. So now I am closer to trying out the craft of hairpin lace which is on my "to-do" list. I bought the six sided peg frame loom for 25 cents at the yard sale. I found instructions for the six sided loom on the internet.

I bought the clipboards for 49 cents each at the thrift store to turn them into little weaving frame looms. I like using old clipboards because they are inexpensive, the pressboard is very sturdy but cuts easily with a hand saw.

Two dollars for all this stuff! Like I said, such a deal!

Have a good day!

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ASpinnerWeaver said...

Way to shop, Franco! I'll be interested to see what the six-sided loom makes.