Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caught On The Web June 2012

Caught On The Web - June 21 2012
Links saved while exploring the world wide web

Art of the Ancient Americas - Princeton University

Early plant domestication in Mesoamerica (with cotton references)

Aztec clothing - some pictures

Aztec Textiles, article Medieval Textiles reprint (pdf)

Aztec Garments:From Birth to Fulfillment, Andrea Ludden, U of TX Austin (pdf)

Aztec clothes

Weaving with art art yarn (video)
What to do when you have art yarn, a picture frame and a staple gun

Japanese temari balls
Balls are covered with thread to create intricate patterns

Luke Jerram describes himself as a "color-blind installation artist, who fuses his artistic practice with scientific and perceptual studies." So step away from the color a little and view the form.

In this podcast, the 2010 Rakow Commission recipient, Luke Jerram, discusses his work on the "Glass Microbiology" project.

The Shepherds Rug blog - braided wool rugs

One of the largest rug looms in the world

Youtube - How to use granny's old rug loom

Tea and Carpets blog - oriental rug articles

loom knotted rugs

Woven miniature rugs for dollhouse

Mende loom near Kenema is shown in blog

Tripod loom in Africa

Lady Virag's Blog

Nomadic looms for SCA

Weaving - Russian Academy of Sciences - Navajo loom picture

Glossary of textile terms - Smithsonian Textiles of North American Southwest

Upright loom with warp weights - Norway, with link to video

vertial loom africa

video: Al Sadu, traditional weavings skills in United Arab Emirates
Duration/time: 10:06

Twining Edge Finishes Marla Mallet

Weaving in Chile 

Knotted Shag Rug Loom how-to

Picture of Knotted Shag Rug

Information on agriculture and fertilizers at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico USA

Chaco Canyon National Historic Park

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Here's another link for you, though I can't understand the focus being on the Zuni having created the routes as they were used by all the Pueblo traders.