Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recycled Silk Shirt Becomes Silk Scarf

I've had this idea to make a scarf out of a silk shirt. This is a silk shirt from the thrift store. Cost $3 The collar looks funny because I was testing my scissors on it. 

I loaded up the sewing machine with black silk thread. Cost $4
Then I sewed the darts (?) closed around the bottom hem of the shirt.

I folded the bottom hem of the shirt about six inches and sew along the bottom hem making a tube.

I cut the tube away from the shirt. I make a couple more tubes out of the remaining cloth.

Tube on the left is inside out. Tube on the right is right side out. 

To connect the tubes I slide a right side out tube into an inside out tube. Then I square off the end with the scissors.

I join the tubes together by sewing around the inside of the two tubes.

Turn the long tube right side out, tuck in an inch at the end and sew the end closed.

The scarf turned out to be a little over six feet long. I included the shirt pocket in the design.

That's the scarf experiment. I like my new sewing machine. I found that I had to adjust the tension on the bobbin holder thingie. Then I had to adjust tension on the machine to almost Zero or the thread keeps breaking. And the needle threading device does not like the silk thread. I have to thread manually. Yeah, I know how to do that. That's what the glasses are for.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Most excellent tutorial and very sharp and masculine looking scarf! I love the pocket too : )

franco rios said...

Thank you! I really wanted to include the pocket. That piece also adds about 12 inches of length to the scarf. Have a good day!

zippiknits said...

What a great project, and well done! I look forward to seeing more of your sewing.

I keep my eyes open at the thrift stores for knitted wool sweaters to recycle but didn't think of other fibers.

franco rios said...

Thank you. My interest in silk shirts started when I had to buy some shirts for party with Hawaiian theme. I found many shirts in the thrift store, some still with the tags. Like somebody went to Hawaii, bought the shirt, then never wore it. That's when I noticed one was 100% silk. I bought that one, wore it to the party. It went into washing machine by accident ruining the sleeves. I liked the pattern and wanted to save the cloth so I put it away in a safe place. I still can't find it. So I bought a couple more and finally got around to buying a sewing machine at the after Christmas sales.

lindaanngonzales said...

Hi Franco

I've just discovered you in my search of learning how to weave. I've just recently developed an interest in weaving because I want to make my own dishtowels and place mats and maybe one day weave a shirt for my boyfriend.

I am very intrigued with your creativity, and I love your idea of turning a silk shirt into a scarf.

Thank you so much.


Laura-Marie said...

Hello there, Franco! My boyfriend and I met you at the weaving show yesterday. It was a pleasure to speak with you, and I'm a blogger too. I wanted you to see the post I wrote about my day, so here's a link!



franco rios said...

Thank you Laura-Marie for the mention on your blog! I hope you find time to maybe add weaving to your artistic products!
Have a good day!