Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SWSG Open House Part 2

 More pictures from Sacramento Weavers & Spinners Guild Open House 2013
(click pictures for bigger image)

Lots of wheels on display at the Open House

Results from dyeing demonstrations

Results drying after dyeing demonstrations

Close up of reversal jacket detail reveals weaving pieces quilted together with other cloth

One side of a reversible jacket

This scarf was woven, then pulled in bunches with extra threads woven into it. Then it was dyed shibori style and the pull threads were removed so scarf could flatten.

Spinolution Hopper

Spinolution Hopper because it looks a little like a frog.

Lisette with Spinolution Mach III plying machine

Plying art yarn is easy with this wheel, Lisette can add pods, cloth strips, artificial flowers and more.
More pictures later.
Have a good day!


Ellen Shipley said...

Looks like fun! 8-]

And I love the little hopper. The jacket fabric is amazing.

Helena M. Ceretti said...

The scarf is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I love my Spinolution, BTW. The hopper is very cute-want one! I also love that teal colored fiber in the 2nd dye pic-pretty.