Friday, April 26, 2013

The Hunt for Biil

Biil wool/biil dress/rug dress

A biil (beehl) dress is traditional Navajo womens' dress made from two woven panels sewn together with openings for neck and arms.

Here are some links I found

Juanita's dress is coming home

see last picture bottom right

woven dress show

Native Treasures website - nice pictures

see mbm332 first picture
It evokes the old-style biil (Navajo dress) as well as the skies of Dine' Bike'yah.

the navajo - juvenile books

Navajo weaving spirit pathways or spiritlines

24 blankets come to Navajo Nation

Biil pictures

see manta blanket dress

rug dress

More pictures

A portrait

Online book Indian Blankets and their Makers

Bayeta blanket

look for biil dress

about churro wool

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Chris said...

What an amazing collection of resources! Broavo for all your hard work!

franco rios said...

Just an ordinary day of web surfing. I try to copy links as I go. It is so much different than it was a few years ago. Even searches from last year reveal more hits as more people post their info. All the credit goes to people who post their stuff for us to browse.