Monday, May 6, 2013

Czech Sprang

In Ravelry, Sylva-Res posted the following link. I checked it out, it is safe and the file is awesome research paper with pictures. Go to the link and download from there:

Hi, I´d like to share with you something about sprang in my country - The Czech Republic. Finally I finished a research PDF document about sprang. Because at the moment I have n´t got any personal blog or website, I placed it on my work website. Here is the link, where you can find it.

This is all I´ve gathered about sprang in Czech lands until now. But I´m still searching.
I know there are still some more old books and journal articles, but it is not easy to get to them. When I discover something else I´ll share it with you here.

Hope that these information and pictures will be interesting and useful for you.

Ravelry ref link

Have a good day!

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