Sunday, August 18, 2013

Green Unknown Cone

Setting up the Cricket rigid heddle loom with this cone of yarn I found at the thrift shop for $3. The label says 3/13 Meadow Green, but does not show what kind of fiber. But let's just try it anyway. I found the yarn thickness is about 14 wraps to the inch so I am going to use the 12 epi heddle.

I am using a paper clip for threading through the heddle.  I can't find my little clamps but by warping from chair to chair through the heddle I can proceed. 

 Another view of the warp from chair to chair. I made the scarf 8 inches wide and about 7 ft long.

 Here is the ends at the warp beam. I tied the loops off the chair to the beam with string. I did groups of three loops.

I have one of the original design Cricket looms so the ratchet and pawl is on the inside of the frame. I want to be sure that I leave a few empty slots on the heddle at that side to avoid a lack of room to operate the heddle. Also be sure the warp beam stick is out of the way when winding.Notice the string wrapped around the bottom stick of the heddle. There is a string on each side to hold centered in frame to prevent the heddle from falling over during warping.

Here I use a book bag on the carpet as a deadweight while winding the warp onto the warp beam. Since the warp is 8 inch wide, I can use 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper as warp separators.  I write numbers on the papers so I know how many more sections I have to weave. I used 7 sheets for this piece, so about 77 inches.

I used some rope to tie the loom to the chair to stabilize it while I wind the warp onto the beam.  You can see the white paper warp separators.

I added some tape to my paper clip hook handle to make it more comfortable. I cut the loops on the cloth beam side. Each slot has two threads. I pulled one thread from the slot and put it through the adjacent hole. Then move to the next slot and across the heddle. I notice the stick shuttle does not have small slot on it. I cut a small slot to hold the thread when I get close the end of the supply on the shuttle.

I have to wrap this up. Here is the loom prepared. I have a couple of card strips and some white cotton yarn  to start the weaving. On the other side of the heddle is a couple of sticks to help the warp stay lined up as it goes through the heddle. The stick shuttle has been wound on the side with a figure eight pattern. This keeps a low profile on the yarn bundle to get through the low sheds on the heddle.

Next step is weaving!

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