Monday, July 20, 2009

First backstrap towel finished

(click picture for larger view)
Here is the finished towel. Woven dimensions were 16 inch wide, 24 inch long.

Off the loom without tension, it only measures 13 wide, 21 long. I haven't even wet finished it yet. That would reduce it another 10 percent.

The ends were made with twined edge cords so the piece comes off the loom finished on 4 sides. I put tassels on the corners because of the edgecords. When switching warp color, I change at the end where I tie a square knot and weave the ends into the piece. The edgecord also helps hide the knot.

For weft color change, I change over in the middle, overlapping the thread. I am thinking I should change color at the edge rather than the middle. I think it would look better, but not sure how to hide the knot.

If someone has a neater way to switch colors, please let me know.

Peaches & Creme cotton worsted yarn warp/weft white
Sugar & Creme cotton worsted yarn variegated black/white for borders

Sett 8 threads per inch.

I had some missed picks, but I wasn't expecting perfect on the first try anyway.

Have a good day!
Franco Rios

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