Friday, July 3, 2009

Progress report on making my own backstrap loom:

Am on the hunt for a wooden broomstick. Most brooms sold in my area have plastic or metal tube for broomstick. The little "swiffer" brooms have very small, thin tubes for handles. I did find some cheap garden tools (china) with wooden handles for US $4, but for that money I think I can buy two hardwood dowels that would work.

I'm trying to source my material for as little money as I can, free if at all possible. I did spend $2 at the thrift store on a 100 ft rope(china) because I forgot to grab some rope from the company warehouse before we shut down for the weekend. I don't want to waste any time trying to "find" some rope. I also found a new small ball, 1.7 ounce cotton worsted yarn Peaches & Cream (Canada) variegated black & white color for 49 cents at the thrift store!!!

I have chopsticks and some shed sticks from my other looms I can use as well. I also have a pack of wooden rulers (12 inch - china) that I bought for a $1 at the dollar store with the intent of making shed sticks and shuttles.

I'll keep you all posted on the backstrap loom scavenger hunt.

Weavolution has a discussion thread on this topic of backstrap loom

CuriousWeaver has made available for download previous issues of their magazine

Look for issue #2 Curious Weaver Issue #2 for a great article on making a backstrap loom.

Have a good day!


Spinning Out of Control said...

Hi - since you're interested in making a backstrap I thought you might find this video useful
Good luck!

Franco Rios said...

Very nice video. I've seen the website for Action Weaver's Plywood Laser Rigid-Heddle Loom but never watched the video before. Now all the parts make sense!

Thanks for the link!
Have a good day!