Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CNCH Santa Clara Vendors

Did somebody say Alpaca? There were vendors covering everything from A Star Alpacas to Yolo Wool Mill. These alpacas are taking a break. They worked very hard.

This is Unicorn Books and Crafts.

This is Gilmore Looms.

This is Glimakra USA. That loom in the front right is the Julia. I think I might need one.

This is Northwest Looms. I think I might need one of these too.

I forgot whose display this is, but this is only one of dozens of wonderful yarn displays at the hall.

Following standard procedure for looking at a show, I walked all around the floor to see all the booths before going back to linger at the ones that piqued my interest.

I took a lot of pictures, many did not come out. They were blurry. I need a new camera. CNCH had a great fashion show, weaving competition, craft demonstrations, spinning demonstrations, a boutique with items by CNCH members, and more.

Edited to add:
I forgot to mention that The Braider's Hand (braidershand.com) from Washington state was in attendance with an attractive display of tools, yarn and thread.

There was also a very talented woman who was demonstrating how to braid using loops. Ingrid Crickmore is a member of the Braid Society (www.braidsociety.com). Her samples on display were fantastic. She had people braiding good looking cords in minutes. A good teacher.

You can find a list of the suppliers on this web page

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