Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clasped Weft

Continuing the sampler weft from the class I took at CNCH.

One of the techniques practiced at Syne Mitchell's class was Clasped Weft. A weft comes from the right side, grabs another weft from the left and pulls into the middle. Loom is a Schacht Cricket. The Clasped Weft has two wefts in each pick so the weft color dominates. My camera is still failing me, so I will describe.

The pink weft from the right goes through the shed to the other side. The pink now grabs a loop from the blue and pulls across to the middle. By moving the meeting point you can change the spot where color change happens. Because of the two threads looping each other there is usually a bump where the two wefts meet.

As you can see, I kind of fooled around with placement of color. I had to change a weft in the pink and that is the two ends you see that have popped up. After I wash this piece I will clip those threads off. The left edge selvedge is fairly straight, but I am having a bad time with the right edge. Somehow the warp got loose on about twelve threads.

I have pushed a ball point pen onto the back beam to take up some of the looseness. It helps, but I may need to put a thicker pen for the next round. I will be weaving about 10 inches of each technique until I get to the end of the warp.

Have a good day!

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ieva said...

Very interesting. I am looking forward to hearing about other techniques.