Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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This is a Structo Artcraft Loom I bought tonight on Craigslist for $50.
I've heard about these and now I have one. Now I have to find out how to weave on it.

It has the number 600-15660 written on it.

Another adventure.

I think I am missing handles for the beams. It's about 20 inch wide inside the harnesses.

Edited to add:
There is a yahoo group for discussion of Structo looms

Have a good day!


re'New said...

Hi Franco! I've got one of these looms, too. I got mine free from my aunt, but my friend paid 150$ for one just like it. You got a good deal! Mine is missing one of the crank handles, but it doesn't impede the use too much. I've made table runners rag style on mine, it is ok, but I like mine a little tighter, so I am going to be trying out things like scarves next to see if I like that better! Have fun ~

Franco Rios said...

Thanks. I'm told today that without the crank handles a person just grabs the beam with the hand and turns it. Use vise grip plier if needed. So I'll not worry about handle.

I need some info on what kind of shuttles are good to use.
Have a good day!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow! What a great deal

Karen Driscoll said...

Franco: you can use stick shuttles or small boat shuttles with bobbins. It will just depend upon how big the shed is when you lift the harnesses.
Have fun. Karen D