Saturday, October 9, 2010

Twining - Part 1

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My friend Laverne has been working on a twining technique inspired by Montagnard weavers. She about it posted on her blog Backstrap Weaving.

Twining has been on my fiber adventure list so I moved it to the top. This is the first part of a twined bag I am making. Twining is an old craft that can create fabric without a loom.

Twining is usually started by stringing a line around two poles. I wrapped a string around some cardboard that is 8 1/2 by 11 inch. This makes it portable enough to carry. Then I attached some warp threads down with a larkshead knot or loop.

The first few rows I misread the directions and I twined around each warp with white yarn. Then I realized I was supposed to twine around warp pairs, so I started with the yellow yarn.

You can see how the yarn is twining around the warp pairs in this picture.

Here is a closeup of how I tried to pull up on the weft to keep it tight. I twine all the way around both sides of the board so I will have a bag when I am done. The yarn is labelled Rug Crafter's Rug Yarn, 100% acrylic and I bought it cheap at the thrift store for this kind of project.

Here is a link to a PDF file that will tell you how to start twining.

And some more links of interest.

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Charline said...

Darn you Franco Rios! You are amazing! Do you ever sleep?!?!?! I have wanted to do a twining bag for ages,
guess now I'll have to thanks to you! :-)
THANKS! Charline

Franco Rios said...

Sorry about that Charline. The good news is the basic technique is really easy and you'll be up and weaving in no time.

Have a good day!