Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twining - Part 2

(click pictures for larger image)
The twined bag is almost complete. It needs a loop and button on the opening to close the top and it should have a lining. I have some old shirts that I can use for lining. I also need to trim the fringe.

I'm happy with the pattern that I just threw together as I went.

Here you can see the bag and more of the strap. I made the strap from six strands and used finger weaving to make it.

Here is a closeup of me twining the fabric. With big fat yarn like this the process is very quick. Notice how I pull up to the right to place the weft. Later I used my fingers to push the weft tight.

I don't have a big needle to use for sewing on the strap, so I wrapped some plastic tape over the end of some yarn to stiffen it and I used it like the end of a shoelace to push the yarn through the bag fabric and the strap.

Have a good day!

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