Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vertical Twined Bags - Twining On A Train

First let me share this link to the post of a virtual version of a recent Textile Museum "Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning" program by David W. Fraser on "Vertically Twined Plateau Bags," an American Indian format. The pictures and text are wonderful and a beautiful example of using the internet to share knowledge and art. Check it out.

Next, my humble twined bag adventure continues:
(click on pictures for larger image)

Twining on a train. Here is the current bag in progress. I wanted to see what a lot of stripes would look. Here it is. The warps are tied over a double strand of yarn. I wanted to get a fatter edge to the top and it worked well, showing off the different color warp yarns. The stripes are tedious with changes every two rows.

Here is how I wind my butterflies for twining. Upper left of the picture is the train seat in front of me. The right side of the picutre is the floor of the train. Sacramento has a light rail system that I use to commute to work and the light is good enough for pictures without using flash. I can work on small projects if I can get a seat. I should probably keep a drop spindle handy for days when I have to stand.

Here I am starting a new color. I start the twine around the last pair from the back side (orange) of the cardboard so I get a secure change on the side of the bag. Then twine the first pair from the front side (yellow). Of course the front and back sides change every time I flip the cardboard.

I am ending the rows on the sides of the bags with a square knot. Because it ends on the side I can cover the knots with the strap for the bag later. Even so, I try to hide the knots. The white plastic bag is for transporting the work. I stuff the cardboard with twined bag into the white plastic bag and slide it into my red bag that I use to carry my books and lunch to work. I try to pre-cut my yarn so I can pull the next color out of the bag to keep twining. So I leave the big skeins of yarn at home, I carry only enough yarns for a days' work.

Here is the square knot at the end of the color change (circle). I start the color on the side opposite the knot from the end of the last color. This way I can trap the loose ends from the knot. Here you see I am twining around three strands of orange, one of which is a strand from the knot. I'll trap the other strand from the knot on the other side of the cardboard in the next pair.

When I finish the next row (yellow) I'll tie it off then go to the side where the orange strands from the square knot are. The strands (marked with X) from the square knot (arrow) travel under the yellow rows and are hidden. I'll cut off the orange strands and start another color.

After my train ride I transfer to a bus for the second half of the ride to work over the Sacramento River into West Sacramento, the light is not as good on the bus so no pictures of working on the bus. But here is a picture looking out the bus window at the flag at 500 Capitol Mall Tower, where strong winds are making the large flag stand straight out.

Have a good day!

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