Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off Loom Woven Scarf

Here's the stash I bought. See the fat yarn called Sumptuous? I'm weaving a scarf with it. Since it's too fat to fit any of my rigid heddle looms, I'm going to weave it off loom or free hand.

Here I am warping it about 7 foot long of the brown and tan yarns around a couple of chairs. Winding with continous warp will create finished edges on both ends, no fringe to be worked.

Hanging it from a wire cut from a wire coat hanger, I started weaving it, using my fingers to pick the warps and pushing the weft through. The weave is warp faced weaving to get the horizontal bars to show. This is not a tight warp project. Firm but not tight. Just finger tight.

Here is about half way done. It has a good simple look to it and it's going fairly quickly with the fat yarn. I'll start and end with that coat hanger wire and will have finished edges on both ends, so no fringe on this. The ends sticking out are at the spot where I added weft (yarn) and I'll trim those off after the wet finish of the scarf.

This is wonderfully low tech.

Have a good day!

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