Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caught On The Web - Dec 2010

Here are a few websites of interest I found while surfing the web:

Eva's Weaving Blog

Extreme Sheepherding with electric lights (reprise from 2009)
A youtube video "What Welshmen do when they're bored"

Inagaki Kiryou Weaving Supplies, Japan
Be sure to check out the spinning wheel for cotton
under the group of Cotton Tools

Weaving on a forked stick - kids project

News article:Santiago Morales, weaver of pine needles, baskets, etc

Check it out! Back issues of Weaver's Journals
available for free download. This is awesome!

A Weaver's Album: Pictures of Looms, Spinning Wheels, and more

A blog from Europe? Interesting colors and a couple of looms?

guatemala info with textiles

Mademoiselle Chaos blog, pastry, spinning, knitting, crochet

reference book for double weave

Tangled web blog

tri loom instructions

How to knit to wristwarmers bangles on doublepoint needles - very unique!

Fabric Follies Two - interesting postings and a list of more blogs to visit


Pretty scarves knitted from lumpy angora rabbit wool
Good idea for spinning angora "second" wool

Prussian sash in Sprang (oblique interlacing)/German Language

Google translate can convert this to English or other

Ears of Corn Placemats

Kathe Todd-Hooker, MorningStar Studio

Kathe Todd-Hooker, Fine Fiber Press

Nadeau Hand-Skill Loom seen in Popular Mechanics Jan 1955

Waaban Aki Crafting - Eastern Woodlands (US)
See twined cornhusk bottle in middle of page

How to make and use a floor loom for twined rag rug weaving

Twined bags for sale - check out design

Weaving World

Language of Native American Baskets

Primitive technology - Information and many links

newspaper basket

Lots of woven baskets and some good design elements

Rigid Heddle Weaving - and more!

Doni's Deli blog - great monk's bag tutorial
narrow cloth woven on rigid heddle makes a fast bag

Fibers Of Being - a blog with nice pictures

Daryl Lancaster's blog
See how she plays with cloth

Have a good day!

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