Saturday, December 11, 2010

Designer Yarn From Lumpy Wool

Betty Chu is the breeder of top of the line English Angora rabbits. She is also
an accomplished spinner, knitter, weaver and designer of custom yarns.

Betty takes wool from combings and clippings that may be a little felted from
the sides or bellies or armpits on rabbits and then she spins it as a lumpy
yarn. Then she dyes some of it and knits hats or sweaters with it. Nothing like
an angora hat to chase away the chill.

Some knitters love the yarn because it is uniquely handmade. If they want fine*
yarn, they can buy commercial, but Betty's fun yarn is different.
(*Betty does know how to spin fine yarn)

It's no secret how she does it, but it fascinating that she can take wool that
many of us would throw away and make designer yarn with it.

I've seen Betty's yarns and knitted goods for years so when I wanted to find
some pictures of Betty's hats, I went to the weblog she manages for Northern
California Angora Guild.

Here are links to blog posts that show some hats and other goods.

You can click on the pictures for larger views.

Betty's Fiber Display at Monterey Fair
(click the pictures!)

Show & Tell at Cow Palace (see two of Betty Chu's hats)

over dyeing angora yarn - see Betty Chu's hats

Check out these dye jobs - see a Betty hat

Angora caps in July

Head for hats

Useful empty kleenex tissue box - with a hat

Doggie fashion - a Betty Chu dog sweater

Angora dog sweater - a Betty Chu dog sweater

How many pounds of wool? Classifying angora wool.

Have a good day!

Note: Originally titled "Designer Yarn From Junk Wool" titled changed to "Designer Yarn From Lumpy Wool" because it implied that Betty's wool was junk, which it definitely is not. - FR

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Heather said...

Thanks for this great post. Years ago I had a pet bunny from Betty, and before that bred and showed Netherland Dwarfs. When I'm in a warmer climate again, I'd love to get back into bunnies!