Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twine Too Many

(click pictures for larger image)
Twining continues on the train and the bus. From bottom row, the orange, light brown rows have one row of S twine followed by Z twine. From the lowest black row, up to the next orange, those are Z twine. Above that is all S twine.

Notice how the sides of the bag kind of bulge out. I have too many warps on this bag. So when I twine it causes the bag to spread. I did not need to pack in as many warp colors as I did. I could have easily left off five warp pairs and it would have fit more snugly to the cardboard frame. I also think after I put the straps on the sides nobody else will notice.

Sometimes while I twine I turn the card sideways. The yarn falls down out of the way and it goes better sometimes.

Have a good day!

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