Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jingle Bells and Holly Berry

I was given the bird this season. Meet Jingle Bells. He is a yellow Pacific Parrotlet. He's a little bitty parrot the size of a budgie (parakeet). He likes to ring the bell hanging in his cage. He was given to us by a friend last week. Well, my lovely wife bought for me a female yellow parrotlet. Her name is Holly Berry. We are so clever with pet names. Right now they are living in separate cages but next to each other until they get used to each other. I've always enjoyed birds and I am thrilled to have a pair of birds again in our little condo. These birds are captive bred since restrictions prevent them from being imported (USA) from South America.

They are in separate cages while they get used to each other. So its no pictures together for now. Here they are in their separate cages.

12/23/10 EDITED TO ADD:

Second try at pairing them. This time I moved him to HER cage. Now they are behaving in a friendly manner.

Have a good day!

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