Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 edge scarf - warping

I started the warp for the next project. I am using a hand made warping frame made from bamboo bought from the garden shop for $3.00. These are six foot long and my cross pieces are a few inches from each end so I have a five and a half foot long piece. I am using an acrylic microfiber (Oralon) with very little stretch and no fuzziness. I am hoping it will work well on a back strap piece.

In this picture you can see the lashing done on the corners. The lashing doesn't take long at all. After I lash my warp to the end beams I'll untie the corners. Next time I'll try to avoid the knots at the joints of the bamboo because the yarn hang up on it. Some sandpaper helps, but I need to look for smoother sections of bamboo next time.

That's all for tonight.
Have a good day!

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