Sunday, September 25, 2011

SWSG Sat - Basket Weaving

It's the September meeting of the Sacramento Weaver's and Spinning Guild (SWSG) - Saturday Group. Here is Jan giving us the news about the Annual SWSG Open House next Feb 11-12. It's the annual free exhibition for the public to see the works of the Guild. The Saturday Group has been invited to host a table and do some demos at the Open House. Especially "off loom" type of crafts like card weaving, backstrap weaving and triangle looms. There is a curious lack of spinning wheels this month but I'll tell you about it in a minute.

This is the diagram of the Open House facility. Jan is an excellent organizer and can diagram better than a lot of sports coaches I know. The little lady is a dynamo.

Here Linda is showing us a skein she just finished spinning and plying. She actually used this meeting date as a target date for finishing this yarn. I am proud to be a part of enabling her obsession.

Here is one of those off loom crafts. This is card weaving and Vonnie is hanging the work from a neck loop and a loop on her toe. Extremely portable.

Now is time for Basket Weaving! That's why there are no spinning wheels today. Above our teacher Sue has set up tubs with water out on the patio for soaking the reed to be used for weaving. She has pre-cut all the pieces so she just hands out supplies. We all start at the bottom and start weaving our way around.

Sometime we sit, sometimes we stand, but we all work on the basket. After we get the bottom sorted out, Sue shows us how to start the sides going up. We learned that keeping the reed wet and pliable is very important. And there is some fancy pattern work going on too.

There was 13 of us and we all made a basket. Here are some of them! Because of Sue's excellent preparation and presentation we were able to make these baskets in under 90 minutes.

Here is my basket. It looks"not bad" and the stripe at top is pure accidental design. I thought it would be smart to keep it simple. I like it and will definitely do some more of this.

Many thanks to Sue and her husband Ron for bringing the materials and setting it up for us. We are so lucky to have members who are generous with their time and skills.

Next month we will get down to Spinning Basics, Oct 22, 10 am to 12 pm at the Arcade Library in Sacramento.

See the website for more details.
It was a good day!


cs said...

Looks like great fun! Wish I could have been there but on top of not feeling well, I couldn't afford the gas to get out there. Looking forward to next month's meeting, though!

Franco Rios said...

I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I would agree about the gas though. With prices close to $4 a gallon it is enough to make one sick. Get well soon!