Saturday, October 1, 2011

Loop Braid Tutorial

 (picture from tutorial doc file)

Loop Braiding Tutorial by Ingrid Crickmore

The Braid Society (UK) has posted a new tutorial for the month of October on the Braids and Bands yahoogroup.
You will need to register onto the yahoogroup to access the files. Registration is free.

The tutorial PDF files have been uploaded to the group Files area by Ingrid Crickmore. If you ever wanted to try your hand at loop braiding this is a golden opportunity to learn from one of the rock stars of fiber arts. Ingrid has been exploring and teaching braiding for years. Her plain speaking style will cover all your questions and she has included plenty of pictures for visual learners which includes a lot of fiber artists. Her tutorials also include instructions for left handers. That rocks!

There will be additional braid instructions posted during the month as people progress in their braiding practice, working up from 2 loop braids, 4 loop, 6 loop, 8 loop, then finally a 3 loop square braid.

You can read Ingrid's introduction at the group

You can view more of Ingrid Crickmore's work at her blog

Also visit The Braid Society website

Have a good day!
Franco Rios
Sacramento Calif.

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