Friday, October 28, 2011

Sprang Progress

Here is the current state of the sprang this morning. Working my way down the strings. It's about 20 rows so far so I probably have 40 more rows to go. But the work is progressing.

A closer view. I am using safety strings to hold the row spacing. I have the safety strings anchored with lark's head knot to a holding string on the right side. I tie the left side ends of the safety strings with slip knots. There is ten rows held in position by string. I pull the safety strings from the top and move down the holding string. The strings are very important to keep the rows intact since I put the piece into a plastic bag and then jam it into my commuter bag for travel. Above the strings is the sprang web, holding shape nicely.

Here I am stretching the sprang web a little bit so you can see the structure of the mesh. I'm trying to work patiently for the best possible result on this piece. I can getting faster. A row takes about fifteen minutes now. There are no shortcuts to this simple process. It must be perfect or there will be holes in the web.

Patience comes to those who wait.

Have a good day!

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