Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bike and Basket Book

A couple of surprises last week. On the way to work I saw this bicycle with a cover that makes it more aerodynamic. Rolling down the road near 7th and K St.

 I have been looking for a newsletter from the 1970s called "Threads In Action" edited by Virginia Harvey. (See blog entry "Threads In Action") Then Diana from Bend, Oregon told me she has a book that needs a new home. I received in the mail "The Techniques of Basketry" by Virginia I. Harvey. I've already read it from cover to cover.

Lots of pictures, patterns and structures. I've been looking for more information on twining, and wickerwork. Looking for info on coiled basketry. Now I feel like I've taken an introductory course in basketry and textiles. Techniques of basketry are universal in human development and history. Already I'm looking differently at the structure of rugs, baskets, and everything. I think that is an indication of how good a book is. When it changes how one looks at things. I am becoming a fan of Virginia Harvey.

Have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting a lot out of the book. I think the illustrations are very good.