Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Day of Spring - Turkey Vulture Play Day

(Click pictures for larger image)
 First day of Spring! The Renaissance Tower in Sacramento, Calif, reaches 372 ft. into the sky like a dark glass cliff. The only cliff like thing for miles around on this floodplain. The dark face creates updrafts for soaring. And the turkey vultures come out to play! (see dark spots in the sky)

There is lots of circling in the updrafts from the face of the building.

Lots of circling. It's a turkey vulture party!

Big bird soaring with a six foot wingspan.

A couple of big birds sunning themselves at 370+ feet!

A bird flies into side of the building because its like a mirror. Or maybe because it is like a party.

Turkey Vultures stay here all year long but a clear sunny day is special.

From my corner of the world, Sacramento, Calif.

Have a good day!


zippiknits said...

Lovely photos Franco, of the Vulture Kettle, or maybe they are not called that but something else. The building must have been warm, too. It's been really cold (relatively speaking) in San Diego, so I wonder if it is where you are also?

Thanks for the photos.

Franco Rios said...

Hello zippiknits,

Thank you for your reply. It's in Sacramento, Calif.

Have a good day!