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SWSG Sat April 2012

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The Saturday Group of Sacramento Weavers & Spinners Guild met on April 14 at Arcade Library. Our topic was "Spinning." Here's a review of our "Show & Tell" period.

On left Debra L. is blending and spinning alpaca. She has 18 alpacas and is always spinning. There is a shearing party at her place on April 29, see the Guild "Events" webpage

On right Connie is showing us her brand new wheel. She bought it unassembled and unfinished. She put it together mostly by herself. She stained it blue. I think it looks warm and comfortable like a favorite pair of blue jeans. I hope she has many happy years with her new wheel.

Connie also showed us some "plarn" she spun. Plarn is "plastic yarn" spun from strips of plastic. She showed us a shopping bag she crocheted from grocery bag plarn. Connie went to the Stitches West show last month and had high praise for the show. We'll have to try that one next year.

On left Linda Y. is showing the yarn she dyed last month at our dye session. Vonnie is spinning on a supported spindle.

This is a close up of the supported spindle. The bottom sits in the little cup.

On left Cathy is spinning on her castle wheel. On right Linda S. is focusing on yarn she is spinning on a drop spindle.

Cathy brought out a shawl she is knitting and we insisted she model it. She also showed us a couple of items she is entering in a fiber show. One is a felted purse and the other is a "rug doll" named "Bigfoot". 

Linda S. showed us the yarns she has spun since her last visit with us. She is a very productive spinner.

On left Ellie is showing her knitting made from hand dyed yarn. On right Sue A. is spinning cotton on her wheel.

Sue A. also showed us the yard sale bargain she nabbed. She found a "Weave-It" loom in the box with instructions, needles, and a sample already woven for 25 cents! If you find one on Ebay plan on spending $20 plus postage.

On left Ardith is telling us about her trials with a yarn that won't come out right. She calls it "blue hairy wool." She has "un-spun" this yarn and re-spun it. Still doesn't like it. On right Stephanie is using park and draft technique on her drop spindle.

Stephanie also brought a cloth she wove with the yarn she dyed at last month's meeting. It is very soft and the stripe colors go together well. 

On left Janelle is spinning on her wheel. On right Sue W. is spinning on a wheel.

On left is guest Candace who wants to learn about weaving. She also got a chance to try spinning on the charkha. On right is guest Debra LP from San Mateo showing us the little sock loom she has been working on.

Here is a little sock she knitted and the loom she is using.

Above is an Indian box charkha (spinning wheel) that I just received as gift from Bonnie of Alberta Canada. I am showing members how the double wheel (accelerator) delivers a high ratio of twist in a small box.

 Above is Vonnie trying out the charkha.
Here is Sue W.  trying out the charkha.

It was a good day!

Schedule of future meetings:

May 19 (Sat) 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm at Fair Oaks Library
11601 Fair Oaks Boulevard , Fair Oaks , CA 95628
Same weekend as CNCH, but if you are not going there, come here!
Topic: UFO & YFH - Bring your UnFinished Objects and Yarns From Hell

June 30 (Sat) 1-5 pm At the Arcade Library
Topic: No Heddle Required: Stick Looms, Peg Looms, Twining Looms, Nail Looms
Bring your oddball little loom projects.

July 21 (Sat) 1-5 pm at the Rancho Cordova Library
9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento , CA 95827
Topic: To Be Determined

August 11 (Sat) 1-5 pm at the Arcade Library

Please visit the website for meeting updates

Other links of interest:
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