Saturday, April 28, 2012

Twining on the commute

I am working on a twining sampler based on “Techniques of Rug Weaving” by Peter Collingwood Chapter 13 Weft Twining.

Reference book “Techniques of Rug Weaving” by Peter Collingwood
Chapter 13 Weft Twining, available for free download in PDF

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This is 9.6 MB file is #4 out of 5 files that comprise the entire book which was posted for free download with the permission of Peter Collingwood's sons. It has clear diagrams, is available for free.

I'm working on my bus/train ride commute to work when I can tear myself away from the stupid "Solitaire" game on the cell phone.

I am also reading "The Ravens Tail" about a twined robe technique from the Pacific Northwest, an craft that is earlier than the Chilkat twined robes. It came to me in a gift box of goodies from Bonnie in Alberta, CAN. I've heard of this book and I admit that when I first skimmed through the book the hair on my neck stood up. I was electrified by the pictures. I already have some ideas for my next twining projects.

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