Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weaving washcloths on frame loom

This is an almost finished washcloth done on a frame loom.
(click picture for larger view)

My chopstick loom has evolved. Still using the craft frame as frame for the loom. The chopsticks have been replaced by 3/8 inch oak dowels. The piece on the frame was planned to be 12 inch square. The bottom edge is 12". The top edge is 10-1/2". There was some pull in as I worked my way up.

This time I used a twined edge cords for top and bottom edges. Makes a better looking finish edge than my previous experiment. If you look closely at the top edge, you'll see where I remembered to weave around pairs of warp for four rows. I'll have to experiment with more pairs like that.

I tried to do edge cords on the sides but this did not come out as well. I'll be playing with that more in the future. I like the look but I missed a lot of picks while trying to weave in the side cords.

The weave looks open on the loom, but it tightens up nicely after wet finishing, which is a trip through the washer and dryer.

The yarn is Peaches & Creme worsted cotton, White for the warp and Shades Of Spring for the weft.

Have a good day!

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