Saturday, May 30, 2009

My first woven project from June 2007 - mini rug

This was my first woven project from about June 2007.
Mini-rug 10"x12" hand spun wool, brown alpaca, handwoven on a loom made from a picture frame.
Actually, I bought a canvass on a stretcher frame and removed the canvass.

The wool is 3 plied using the navajo plying method. The alpaca is 2 ply using outside and inside ends from a center pull ball.

I warped it continuous warp style. The fringe occurred when I cut it off the frame. I used little string loops called string heddles and a shed stick on the loom.

After studying the Marla Mallett site and the Taos Trading Post site, I was inspired to weave the tiny rug. It was fun!

A Simple Frame For Weaving Experiments (!)

Awesome pictorial of Navajo Loom Weaving

Have a good day!


SewMamaLady said...

It's very neat to see your progression. It's a beautiful first piece. This is my first piece:

I love weaving. It really is my favorite way to use my yarn.

Franco Rios said...


It was a real adventure.

Have a good day!

Rebecca Robinson said...

Hi Franco, I have just bought a frame loom and some Navajo Churro wool and would like to make a mini rug like your alpaca one here (May 30 2009). I have never woven before so am completely new to it, I don't knit, sew or crotchet either! Can you recommend a book or www that I can look at so I can see how to weave an animal into the rug?

Many thanks

Becky, UK

franco rios said...

Hello Becky,

Be sure to visit the Marla Mallett site referenced in the blog for frame loom advice.

If you look for books on basic tapestry weaving you will get the basic idea for weft substitution for creating shapes. The book I bought first was "Navajo Weaving Way" by Noel Bennett, but any book on tapestry will give you the general idea. Good luck! Have a good day!