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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finger Weaving, Peg Looms, & Weaving Sticks

*I am gathering articles that I've posted in various places and re-posting here.
This is an article that was posted by me on forums and yahoogroups in Jan 2009,*

Finger Weaving, Peg Looms, & Weaving Sticks

I remembered seeing a website with someone making a rag rug using
something called a peg loom. I thought it was like a knitting loom.
It turns out the peg loom is actually weaving, not knitting.

Finger Weaving is more like a knitting loom.

Montessoriworld.org - Scroll down the page for Finger Weaving

Here's what I found after the last couple of days of searching.

(search for "peg loom" "pegloom")

There are two kinds of peg looms. Most people are familiar with looms
that have pegs or pins to put your warp on. Like the little weavette looms,
or pot holder looms, or the student type frame looms with pegs.

The other kind of pegloom has movable pegs. You weave the warp around
pegs set on a frame, the lift the peg to slide the work down the warp.
This is a larger version of the even simpler Weaving Stick method.

How to make your own peg loom (blog with links)

Good tutorial with pictures! (updated link)

WEAVING STICKS are about the simplest loom I've ever seen.
(Search for "weaving sticks")

Finniwig Studios - Stick weaving instructions

Stick Weaving For A Quick Homemade Gift

Weaving Sticks, Finger Weaving & more

Also visit their Native American crafts files!

The Craft Ark - Weaving Sticks Video!

Northwest Journal - Finger Weaving (more like weaving than knitting)

I enjoy researching primitive fiber crafts and this hunt was a lot of fun!

For other fiber links check out my web page

Edited to add other links
Northern Calif Angora Guild: Peg Loom/Weaving Sticks

Stick Weaving/Peg Loom - German site

Maple Corners



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