Thursday, May 21, 2009

The gumdrop towels

These towels were finished in January 2009.
(click on picture for larger view)

Woven on Beka 20 inch rigid heddle loom, 8 dent (threads per inch warp),
wet finished (wash & dry), hand hemmed, finished size 14 x 24 inch.

This is woven with peaches and cream cotton yarn,
the worsted yarn weight, not the heavier double worsted.

No. 1 white, I bought a 14 oz cone at Walmart about $7
No. 205 gumdrop, 2 oz ball, $1.75 ea, two balls

That should be enough for 4 towels altogether, I wove two at a
time on the loom.

It takes most of one colored ball to warp for two towels.
Here is the pattern, 128 ends wide, 8 dent heddle
8 white, 8 color, 96 white, 8 color, 8 white

I warped with about 78 inch threads, allowing 15 inch for cutoff.
Your yardage may vary.

Wet finished means after weaving and cutting off the loom, I put it
through the washer and dryer.

Here is a video that showed me how to hemstitch with the fringe.

hemstitch video by Cherri Hankins

My fringe is almost all three strand, but there is one two strand
fringe because 128 is not divisible by 3.

The pattern should work with any variegated color yarn that you
think would look good with white.

Have a good day!


SewMamaLady said...

I love them. The colors are great for summer time picnics or something festive!

Thanks for sharing so much information about your projects. It's really great.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am considering weaving placemats with this cotton yarn. I was counting the wraps per inch at ten, and using my 5 dent heddle. I noted that you used a 8 dent heddle and seem to have a very balanced weave. Would you recommend using the 8 dent needle for a balanced weave? My thanks, Patricia in NH

franco rios said...

Hello SewMamaLady,

Yes, I can recommend the 8 dent heddle and it worked well.

The thing I learned was not to beat hard, more like push or place the weft.

Have a good day!

Leah said...

thank you for the information, I am wanting to try a set of towels in houndstooth pattern, and wasnt sure that i could make it in peaches and cream yarn, since every site i looked on said to use ultra fine 2/16 thread for it, and im not that patient