Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finished woven scarf

This is the latest weaving finished project.

This was woven on a frame loom using chopsticks to hold the ends for weaving. The goal was to produce a usable scarf without the usual 15 inches of warp wasted on the loom that I get with a rigid heddle loom.

This piece was supposed to be 48" by 4". I measured the warp at 48" but the warp shrank a little during weaving, so it finished at 44" long.

The weft spacing is uneven, the edges are uneven, and the ends are not terribly pretty. The weave was more warp faced than plain weave. But it showed me that I can make a scarf on a frame loom without all the waste. Now I have to learn how to make the next one pretty.

Edited to add: This was made with acrylic yarn from the Vanna White products, with tan yarn for warp and variegated tan/blue for weft.

Have a good day!


Manya Maratou said...

hey franco goodmorning actually I think it looks great
is it wool? have you fulled it?
I;m a newbie weaver- dyer etc and I love the way you apply yourself to a project
pleased to meet you

Franco Rios said...
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Franco Rios said...

Correction! It's not wool!

I was so focused on the technical side I grabbed the wrong yarn. This one is all acrylic!