Monday, May 4, 2009

Weaving On A Longer Chopstick Loom

I built another chopstick loom.
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We had a wooden x-frame stand from a clothes hamper. I removed the bag and cut off part of the x-frame stand. I used a couple of pieces to add height to the face of the loom.

The loom frame is about 28 inches long. I warped 48 inches of acrylic yarn. I hung it on the loom, over wrapping the 28 loom so I could get the longer length on the small loom. I'm using wooden rulers for shed sticks. The shuttle stick is from a 20 inch Erica loom which is why it is so long. The comb is a steel tined comb used for grooming angora rabbits but I'm "borrowing" it for this project.

The weave is somewhat uneven, but I hope it will tighten up after I finish it in the washer.

I'll post another picture when it is finished.

Have a good day!

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SpinningDownUnder said...

hi Franco, great stuff! Keep the inspiration coming!
cheers, Caroline ( Spinning Down Under)