Friday, May 8, 2009

Links for Weaving Info

(4/13/08) Weaving for children. Try the notched cardboard loom ideas from These projects have a simple set up but can be fabulous!
Great ideas for little hands. It even works for grownups!

Or the paperbasket weaving

Basic weaving info

(Apr 1 2008)After studying the Marla Mallett site and the Taos Trading
Post site, I was inspired to weavea tiny rug. It was fun!

A Simple Frame For Weaving Experiments (!)

Awesome pictorial of Navajo Loom Weaving

(Mar 21 2008) The Journey Loom (USA)Small Frame Loom, very portable

(Mar 15 2008) Wayne Schmidt's Triangle Loom (USA)How to make a triangle loom and weave on it Be sure to also look at Wayne's main site for other subjects

(Mar 14 2008) Tape looms, Paddle looms, Band looms, Medieval looms and Card looms by Jonathan K Seidel

(Feb 20 2008) Meanderings/Tapetry Links Jeanne B's page of links to other tapestry sites

Have a good day!

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