Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot color towel on backstrap loom

Here is another finished towel on left measures about 12 inch x 16 inch. The washcloth on right is about 9 x 9 inch. Details about the towel are below. The colors are Sugar n Creme Hot Green, Hot Orange, with Peaches N Creme White. All cotton worsted yarn.

Here is the start of another backstrap towel. First the warp is wrapped around the upright sticks of a craft frame in a figure 8 pattern. I am using the craft frame as a warping board.

The loom bars and leash sticks are inserted, then the warp is slid off the craft frame/warping board.

I have setup my backstrap and I'm halfway done with the weaving in this picture. I turned the loom around and started again from the other side and finished up in the middle.

This project was started on a Tuesday and was finished by Saturday.

Have a good day!

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Victoria said...

Thanks so much for sharing the in-progress photos! You towels look very cool.