Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think I'm becoming a fiber geek

I think I'm becoming a fiber geek.

Today I was staring at a lady's purse. I was on the light rail train on the trip home from work. The purse was made with woven warp faced strips with horizontal stripe pattern. The strips were about 3-4 inches wide and the sides were sewn together to make a wider cloth that was the outer body of the purse.

I totally recognized the pattern and structure because I wove it on my backstrap loom! I learned how to do it on a site called and Laverne from Bolivia is posting examples of backstrap weaving and patterns you can use.

Now I know one more thing that can be done with backstrap woven strips!

I don't think the lady noticed me studying her purse. It would probably have made her nervous.

Have a good day!


Life Looms Large said...

You're right - it would kind of feel weird to have some one staring at your purse!! I'm not sure my first thought would have been...."Oh, he's probably studying the weave structure or construction."

Weaving has definitely made me look at textiles in different ways. I sometimes notice that when I go to a movie I'm focusing on the textiles more than the movie itself!!


Jen said...

there was a purse in Spin Off Magazine a while back made from handspun silk inkle woven bands that sounds like the same construction you are talking about. the one in spin off had more complex pick up patterns... but simple stripes would be pretty and striking too! the point of the article had been what to do with small samplings of spinning... and took the idea into pattern sampling in the woven bands too....

hmm, now i'm starting to think that that may be a way to small "ribbons" of practice backstrap weaving and have something to turn them into when i'm done. inspiration!


Franco Rios said...

I can see that I need more backstrap practice too. Now I have something to make with the pieces beside bookmarks!

Have a good day!