Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continue Weaving Along Towels

*continuing to weave along*
Here I have woven up to the marking knot of my measuring string. Just in time because you see I am at the end of the warp which is tied to the beam at the other side of the heddle. So now I am hand hemming the end of the towel.
My fringe has three ends per group. I have 128 ends divide by three is 42 groups plus 2 extra ends. So I have one extra group of 2 ends in the middle of the hem to make it come out even.

Then I cut the warp with about 1 and a half inch of fringe. Remove the heddle. Loosen the loom, wrap the towel on the beam and roll until I'm back to the middle where the separators are.

Then I remove a separator so I have room to hem the end. When done on this end, I will rotate the loom 180 degrees, remove the other separator, and hem the end. When done I'll roll the work on the loom to the beginning and hem that last end. Then I will have 4 hems on two towels. Cut the warp on the other end with 1 and half inch fringe. Remove towels from the loom.
I will wet finish these with wash/dry cycle with other light colored towels so I don't get dye or dark lint on them. I will cut the towels apart and put into a mesh bag to help keep the fringe looking better after the first wash.
Have a good day!

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