Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've had a major distraction since last Friday.

My new BFF, Kurt aka loominaria, had a Cricket rigid heddle loom in need of a new home. He contacted me because we're in the same town. When I get to his place he gives me a box with the Cricket with all the heddles, a bag of cotton yarns in assorted colors, and a few books.

Now you're thinking I am going be distracted by the Cricket? Noooooo!

There is a book on tapestry weaving (cool!) and two books on finger weaving/handweaving (awsome!).

So I've been spending all my free time reading about fingerweaving and trying it out.

Basic Book of Fingerweaving by Esther Warner Dendel and A Manual of Fingerweaving by Robert Austin show a craft that is best described as weaving without a loom.

Here I am using a technique called Peruvian flat weaving to create a flat belt. You can hang your work on any handy peg or nail, or Dendel suggests using a clipboard for small practice pieces.

Here is some more of the first piece. I have another piece in progress that has more colors in it. There are more techniques in the books.

Here is another strap in progress. If these colors look familiar to you, I am using cotton yarn from my scrap bag which has bits and pieces from recently woven pieces.

I like fingerweaving!

If anyone has more info on this fingerweaving craft, please let me know!

Have a good day!

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