Monday, October 19, 2009

Fingerweaving - Chevron Pattern

Chevron pattern belt continues.

I have moved from the clipboard to a chair. The top of the weaving is held by a string that goes over the chair and is tied off to the front of the chair. The dowel at the top seemed like a good idea, but it did not work as planned. Because each strand has a loop around the dowel, it is spaced out as if plain weave. This needs to be closely spaced for warp faced weave.

Next time I will tie off bunches of yarn to the stick instead of wrapping a single turn on each yarn end.

The first part is plain weave at top, but becomes more warp faced as it goes down away from the dowel. This is supposed to be like two flat weave belts side by side. The selvedges should interlock at the sides. At first I made the mistake of interweaving the warps from the left side across the right side, and vice versa.

Then I read the directions again and saw that I should have been interlocking the two inner warps before weaving from center to the outside. Also need to get tension even on each side, it takes some practice. I stopped trying to flip the piece. I was having a tough time remembering what direction I was working on.

I've been unweaving and reweaving rows as needed.

It's getting better.

One thing to watch for is when I grab the bundle, a warp string can get pushed to the side and out of line. Then it is like a float. Or worse it pops up two stands over and creates another error. So keeping close track of the warps in the bundle is important.

Have a good day!

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