Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Yahoogroup for Backstrap Loom Weavers

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This group is a meeting place and resource for those who weave on a backstraploom and others who wish to learn and/or find out more about this ancient,traditional, and very-much-alive-and-kicking weaving technique.

The backstrap loom itself consists of a few sticks, around which the warp isstretched, then one end is fastened to a stationary object and the other end tothe weaver to maintain tension. It can be rolled up and stored out of the waywith the weaving still on it, and set-up costs are minimal.

Some of the mostbeautiful fabrics in the world are woven on the backstrap loom, and thebackstrap is probably still the most common loom in in use in the the worldtoday.

The portability of this loom, along with its small footprint, makes it ideal forour modern busy lifestyle. The variety of fabrics that can be woven on this loommakes it a viable alternative to larger more complex floor looms, and provesthat it is far more than just a toy, or a historical curiosity.

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