Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clipboard Loom update

The clipboard loom passed its public transit test. I've been weaving on the bus/train to and from work.

(click on picture for larger image)

Here is my loom. I've stuck a copy of the pickup technique instructions between the front and back warp to help keep things separate. I use a large re-closable plastic bag to contain the loom before I stuff it into my book bag. There's enough room for a pair of scissors too.

Here is the back of the loom with the paper removed. As weaving progresses I can slide the warp down and around the loom. As you can see, the patterns are two sided on the band with colors reversed on each side. You can see where I first started not doing too well, then the little light in my brain turns on and the pattern starts getting organized.

You can also see what happens when you choose a weft color that is not the same as the border color, all the outer weft turns are easily seen. Using a matching color would be less noticeable.

One more note. I made the loom 13 inch long which is the longest size for my book bag. I will make the next loom 12 inch to make it a little easier to stuff in the bag.

Have a good day!

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